Pukanec continues the ancient tradition of a wine and craft town. Pukanec wine-growers and craftsmen organize for you a VINE-GARDEN AND CRAFTER MARKET, which takes place every month during spring, summer and early autumn in the historical centre of the village near the city walls as well as near national cultural monuments. Wine and craft market in Pukanec


The craftsmen are selected and screened for you so that you get only traditional production from Slovakia and especially from Pukanec.

In the Cellar of the Society of Vintners and Winemakers in Pukanec, located behind the Evangelical Church under the Exposition of Pukanec History, you will learn more about the history and present of Pukanec wine. You will have the opportunity to taste wines made from grapes from the highest vineyards in Slovakia, visit selected vineyards and vineyards, traditional wine cellars carved in stone. In the cellar of the Society you will find out which are currently open. You can find them by following the map and special markings, and along the way you can admire not only the vineyards, but also the centuries-old black mulberry trees.

The Exposition of Pukanec history will be open for you. You will get acquainted with the history of craftsmen in Pukanec and at the same time you can travel around the world with Samuel Šikelj.

You will have the opportunity to get to know the village of Pukanec and its history on several educational and hiking trails.


Tips for trips in the area:

Do not hesitate to make the most of your visit and discover the surroundings of Pukanec. Pukanec is located within half an hour’s drive from Levice and the Levice castle complex, in the neighbouring village of Bohunice you will find the technical monument of the Water Mill with a small exposition of traditional folk culture and housing, or in the nearby village of Bátovce you can visit in the morning the Farmers’ Market at the Farmers’ Court in the historical square in the centre of the village. If you have enough time, you can take the nature trail “Around the City of Queens”.

You can plan a family day trip in the Bátovce valley. In the morning visit the farmers’ market in Bátovce and buy something to eat for the day. Walk the nature trails of Pukanec, Bátovce, Pečenice or ride the cycle trails from Tlmače to Pukanec. In Bohunice you can visit the Water Mill. And in the afternoon come to Pukanec for a glass of wine, sausages, coffee or ice cream.