Three wine-growing areas in one region. A land of great wine, picturesque vineyards and wine cellars. A mixture of colours, flavours and aromas.

Of the six wine-growing regions of Slovakia, three extend into the territory of the Nitra region. The southern part of the region belongs to the South Slovak Wine-growing Region, the northern part to the Nitra Wine-growing Region and the eastern part of the region is covered by the Central Slovak Wine-growing Region.

Wines from the Nitra region were drunk by the Great Moravian emperors and the highest church dignitaries. The first written mention of viticulture is contained in the Zoborské listy from the years 1111 and 1113.

The wines of the Nitra region can compete with world wines in terms of quality, as evidenced by numerous awards at home and abroad.

Visit wineries in our region, taste the results of their work, slow down and spend a pleasant time in local cellars surrounded by vineyards and good-hearted winemakers.

The most interesting places in the region